Laren Bright

A Few More Words About Myself


I don’t see any major advantage in continuing this conversation with you as though I wasn’t here. So here’s my story as it relates to my work.

I started in advertising when a friend wanted to open a health food store. Over pizza & beer, I came up with a name & a tag line. When his brother joined him and they expanded to distributing natural foods, I handled their promotional writing: newsletters, catalogs, creating product names, etc. The company went on to become the largest and most successful health food distributor in the country. I’d like to think it was all because of me, however I suspect my friends had something to do with it.

With that as a foundation I recognized I was in the advertising business and started doing work for other clients.

Some years later, after moving to Los Angeles, I fell into writing animation. A woman I knew had a son who was a writer at Hanna-Barbera. I got to know him and one day he said, “Hey, you’re funny. You should be writing cartoons.” Yeah, right. He invited me to a writer’s meeting, I came up with some story ideas, and he showed me how to write a script. About six months later I was hired on staff at Hanna-Barbera.

Over the course of my seven years as a full time animation writer and story editor, I wrote over 100 episodes for such shows as The Flintstone Kids, A Pup Named Scooby Doo, Captain Caveman, Snorks, Batman the Animated Series and the NEW Adventures of Captain Planet (the world’s first environmental superhero). I was nominated for 3 Emmys and won several writing awards, including an Environmental Media Award and the Ark Trust’s Genesis Award.

Around 1998 I got involved in working with books. A couple years later a client and friend, Ellen Reid, began helping people to start their own independent press and publish their books. I was hired through her company, Ellen Reid Book Shepherding, to write the titles, subtitles, back cover, flap text, author’s bio and promo material for things like websites and ads. I was also occasionally hired for editing/consulting on content.

We worked, and continue to work, on books in all genres, from mysteries & fiction to self-help, business books and children’s stories. Many of these went on to win national awards for excellence of writing, design and promotional elements.

One of my clients described what I do as taking sand and turning it into a computer chip. That is, he suggested, I take ideas and translate them into words that work to produce a stated result. That’s probably as good a description as any.

I like the work I do. I genuinely like people so I’m pretty easy to get along with. If you’ve read this far, I’d probably like working with you.

Call me or send me an email. Let’s do good work together, and present what you have to sell, whether a book, a product or an idea, so that people who want it will be motivated—and delighted—to get it from you.

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